Monday, March 5, 2007

Interim Report from the Crypt

Athelred has advised us of a nearby crypt, and most of the adventurers have gone down to explore it. Apparently before they even made it inside Unk had fallen into a pit. Once they got him out he threw Hellsby over into the room and he was able to close the trap. Then they managed to get themselves shot by an arrow trap.

After spending rather too long a time searching for secret doors, they found a hallway with 4 skeletons in it. Unk's axe was almost useless against them, but apparently the dwarf crushed all 4 of them with her bare hands.

Garm says the halfling was so desperate to fight that the dwarf actually had to scale the walls to climb past him, and then she crushed one of the skeletons by falling on it. The halfling then tried to scale the walls to get back into the fight, only to get his toe caught in a crevice and end up dangling upside down above the action. Hellsby seems to think he's a warrior... let's hope he figures it out sooner rather than later.

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