Saturday, March 17, 2007

Back From the Crypt

The party has returned from the crypt. They had some hair-raising adventures, it seems. A statue attacked them - I'm guessing it was an earth elemental of some sort; and a dead thing came out of a sarcophagus they opened. Judging from the Princess's description of the smell it was some sort of ghoul, but the princess is such a ... erm... princess... that to hear her talk Unk smells that bad as well. Of course he doesn't, it's just the furs he wears.

They did recover some loot, but the big bonus for me was how much snake oil they used up - 21 jars! I'll be able to buy a new pony when we get to Eastbrook so the poor fellows don't get so tired. They also retrieved a very nice sword which I reckon is worth about 1000gp. I let them pay me for the snake oil with the sword and returned them the difference.

They brought out some scrolls which were buried with one of the corpses, and Athelred has been reading them. Apparently the dead thing they fought used to be some mighty warrior called Ashkalon. I guess that was his sword? But who can tell, with the passing of time?

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