Monday, May 21, 2007

Welcome to Elsir Vale!

Well, it seems to be a grim situation, as we follow Bifur and Bofur and their prisoner off to the Hammersmith Holds. They're firm but fair, it seems.

Anyway, other than Oppillaa being a prisoner, we've been travelling through some very lovely country. We came down this old dwarven road (called "The Dwarfroad" for some reason) through the Wyrmsmoke Mountains and onto another road called "Old North Road". We crossed over Skull Gorge (pretty!) and into the beautiful Elsir Vale. We spent one night at Drellin's Ferry, then Terrelton, and down to the Wyvernwatch Mountains to Hammerfirst Holds.

I have been to this area before, but not for 20 years. Maybe when this business is sorted out we can go visiting. At the moment we've come to a small settlement outside the dwarven fortifications. They have a large moat filled with crocodiles, and it seems we have to ride the crocodiles to get across. That'll be exciting! We have to leave the wagons here, but we'll take some snake oil and the Princess's spell books and so on.

Hmm... it looks like there are some monkeys here which are going to carry our things for us. Or are they trying to steal it?

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