Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bored at Eastbrook

It seems like it's taking forever to lift this siege! Hellsby and Oppillaa have snuck off and we haven't seen them for ages. Some of the locals have set up their own barricade and they're shooting at the goblins but I don't think they're hitting any of them. Luckily the goblins aren't hitting them, either.

The locals seem to be in two minds. The village constable, Malachi Blackcrow, seems to blame the women and children for getting themselves captured. The bowyer, Christian Fletcher, is leading the attack when you'd expect that to be Blackcrow's job. There are two brothers here - Snorri Bloodaxe the priest, and Eirik Bloodaxe the butcher, who think that Blackcrow should be doing more, and call him "Malachi the Meek". I have to say I agree with them.

I've been chatting to the mayor, Thora Sweethumb (yes, she's a gnome) and her husband Garl Sweethumb who keeps the general store, and they say nothing like this ever happens. I've been to Eastbrook a lot, and I've never seen anything like this before. I know there are goblins around (that's why I've got adventurers with me!) but usually they stay in the mountains.

I'm afraid Unk is making a bit of a pain of himself. Snorri is a priest of Kord, to whom Unk pays respect, and Unk has been kneeling in front of Snorri chanting some dirge in orcish for about 10 minutes now. Snorri is somewhat flattered and embarrassed because he doesn't understand a word of it.

Athelred is still trying to understand those scrolls. Garm has interrogated Thora about safety on the roads hereabouts. The princess seems to be hiding since Eirik Bloodaxe started paying rather too much attention to her. Pansy has been talking to Garl about all the things we'll need to buy, but he can't help her until he can get back to his shop safely. I just hope all the hostages get saved because the atmosphere in the tavern this evening won't be very jolly if there's a bloodbath.

Oh yes... mostly funny story... Oppillaa was sneaking around the village and managed to sneak RIGHT PAST a bugbear who was asleep under a tree without even noticing him. When he woke up he chased her so she climbed a tree. He started chopping the tree down so she jumped down, and he chased her and clobbered her. He walked off thinking she was dead and just then Hellsby arrived. So he turned around and chased Hellsby as well, right back into the waiting axes of Garm and Eirik Bloodaxe. While they were dealing with him the princess snuck over and rubbed some snake oil on Oppillaa and saved her life. SEE! IT DOES WORK. Just after that is when Hellsby and Oppillaa snuck off by themselves.

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